Saturday, March 10, 2012

thought of Justice when I saw this one

This is a very pretty cameo, green background which is a bit faded at the top, right above the hair.  the cameo itself has nice carvings and the hair has flowers in it.  There are no markings on it. 

oranges and browns in golden

this is very light and airy, the whole pin flairs out from a center golden piece on the back on tendrils.  this is not my favorite, mostly because of the colors.  There are no markings. 

earrings much more aurora borealis
these are beautiful, light blue round stones on the bottom, the blue marquise stones are much more aurora borealis then they look in this photo.  these say sarah cov pat pend  which stands for sarah coventry jewerly.  These are called the blue lagoon earrings and resale for about 42.00.  FROM 1964, POSSIBLY BEFORE. SILVERTONE SETTING WITH UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS BLUE AURORA BOREALIS STONES AND BLUE RHINESTONES. CLIP. 1 1/8" LONG, 1" ACROSS  (pulled from amazing vintage jewelry)

did not photograph well
this is a very pretty, compact golden (heavy) pin with purple stones,  it comes up to a point in the middle.  no markings found

large, thinking of making it a hair pin

this is really pretty, and I am thinking of changing it to be a hair pin instead of a clothing pin.  I am pretty sure this one is not vintage, the lack of any wear on it, the way the stones sit, ect make me believe it is a reproduction, there are no markings on this one. 


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