Saturday, March 3, 2012

oscars, I can finally talk about the dresses

I did fairly well with my major catagories poll, but what I really want to focus on now are the dresses!!
There were a  few people I thought did a pretty good job, but no one who HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK.

Mila, old hollywood glam, it was a compete package, but I don't know that it screamed OSCARS.  Octavia, fantastic, I wish she had brighter lips but that dress is hugging her like perfection.  I adore the dress.  Gwenyth's dress is one of the few I keep thinking about.  I love the cape, I love the color on her, I think it fits great and the cuff is fantastic.  I did NOT like her hair or makeup.  I know that this dress, that Shailene Woodley wore, was not well received but for a young woman going to her first oscars I didn't think it was AWFUL.  I like the top, it wasn't the same as everyone else.  I am not sure about the line on the skirt.  AUGH, girl, get your dress fitted.  I think she is so interesting looking and quite beautiful, I have liked a lot of what she wore during awards season, but this didn't fit.  I am not sure I could get over the boobs even if it did fit her hair

I thought Michelle Williams stayed true to who she is, and the color is fantastic on her.  I loved the simple necklace and the pin at the hip.  The ONLY thing I don't like about this dress is the extra peplum at the waist.  I think it if was just a sleek column of ruffles it would be sensational.

I am not even sure who this is, other than that she did commentary on CBS.  I think this is very pretty and very unusual for a formal gown. 

I thought this was one of the dresses that looked like an OSCAR dress!  It isn't a dress you could change out the venue and she wouldn't look completely over dressed.  I thought her hair looked very soft and feminine. 

This is one of VERY few dresses on the red carpet that I could fit in, and I want to like it.  BUT I think the color is not doing her any favors.  In a gorgeous midnight blue with the same accents I think it would have been a completely different look.  I wish she had done a better color.  and that the sleeves were worked just a little differently.

Another dress I want to love, but just can't get fully behind.  Her boobs look whack, it just doesn't fit her correctly, and she has a nice rack.  The color looks nice on her, and I adore that she wore her hair natural.  I didn't like the ruffly slit at the knee either.  


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