Saturday, March 10, 2012

guess who scored at the auction!!!

Last night Big B and I went to our usual Friday date night, an auction that isn't far from the house.  For the first time all three kids stayed home by themselves, usually only the boys get to stay.  We found that we spend less money when we bring a kid with us!!!

all together now

 This is a view of the entire collection, all but one.  I won the bid and had a lady come over and ask if I would consider selling her one of the pins as she had her eye on one particular pin.  After checking it over and making sure there were no markings on it, and we weren't selling the best of the lot, I sold her the pin for 1/3 of what I paid for the entire lot!!!
I felt like it was a good deal
There are 4 pins that need one or two stones, and I have a few older stones here that I will see if I can match them up. Otherwise these are in incredible shape.  I"ll clean them up (but they really don't need much) and start enjoying them.  Very happy with my auction get.


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