Sunday, February 26, 2012

OSCARS BABY My list of major categories only
 Actor in a Leading Role I want clooney to win but I think dujardin will win, I also love Pitt because it's Pitt
 Actor in a Supporting Roll I'd love to see Jonah hill win because it would be so unexpected  but Plummer will probably take it
 Actress in a Leading Role Michelle Williams would be my favorite choice, Streep will probably get it again
 Actress in a Supporting Role I think it'd be great for comedies if Melissa won, but I'll be happy with Octavia who I think will win
 Directing Anyone but Allen
Best Picture I think it will be the artist and honestly would adore seeing moneyball win Jww

Oscar Sunday!

It is truly one of my favorite days of the year. Big B and I watched moneyball and drive this weekend getting ready for the big event. I think I'm ready, I have my Oscar nails done, I have my list of who I WANT to win, and my list of who I think WILL win. Unfortunately, they do not cross very often. I'll. Be back later today with a LOT of dress critique... Jww

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's hope I get this right!

Here we are with the intro post. I am not sure what I'm going to cover on this blog, but whatever I come up with will be fun and light. Nails and polish, for sure! A little bit of celebrity and celeb babies. Food, because who doesn't like food? Yarn in all it's goodness. I'll have guest bloggers from time to time. Join in and have fun with me. Jww