Wednesday, February 6, 2013

whatcha doing wednesday?

I have been knitting like crazy!!!  I finished my scarf:  this was some yarn I purchased at Tuesday morning, cotton, I just thought the colors were great.  This is the "one row" scarf.  easy knit, but kept me occupied as I watched TV.  it is grey, greens and purples.

What did I wear on my nails this week?  Well thanks for asking!!
I love matte nail polish, I just think it looks super cool.  this is manglaze fuggin ugly  which is a very deep grey color that I end up wearing a lot.  the accent nail is JULEP, LISA
I added small dark pink dots at the tips just because I can!

Oh, but i had to change them half way through the week as they got chippy.  That is one thing about matte polish, it does seem to "shrink" and or chip easily.
The new polish was kiss me on my tulips  I enjoy OPI polish, but haven't loved their newest collections.  This is from the Holland collection, of which I bought a few small bottles.  I added a little glitter (because who doesn't love glitter) and a small white heart on the thumb

 I started a new book this week.  here I go again Jen lancaster is one of those authors that I will read whatever she puts out, and it has made me laugh, made me think and I would love to hear her read in person someday.  It is not too deep, it doesn't change everyone's world, but it does make me happy which is enough to change my world.  I recommend her to everyone.  

keep on keeping on

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