Monday, January 28, 2013

Mangia Monday

What's on the menu, Pumba?

Tator tot hotdish:
watterson staple!  Every time I post that we are having this several relatives have just had it, or are going to have it.  Turned out great as always, though I made a larger batch so needed to add more creamed corn for flavor. 

Roasted Chicken with roasted vegetables
Bear ended up buying a roasted chicken and a roasted turkey breast in the deli (the turkey breast was new to us and quite good).  We roasted potatoes and carrots in olive oil with garlic.  Made sure to make plenty so had them for leftover lunch. 

Crunchy black bean tacos from pinterest.
is the link I used.  I did change it up a bit because I left out onion, added a ton of garlic, left out the avocado.
These were fantastic and will be added to our "regulars" M ate 6 of them!!
We used trader joe's pepper jelly, very close to Chevy's jalepeno jelly, but a bit chunkier.  The taste was very good though and we'll use up the rest of the jar for sure, but my quest continues...if only chevys would sell me vats of theirs.

We ended up going out for dinner for what would have been my dad's birthday  We usually do chinese food  that night, but ended up with breakfast for dinner.  Bear had the "dad's meal" and had chicken fried steak with brown gravy on the fries. 

Next week photos will be added to food posts (If I remember~)


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