Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hair extensions

About two months ago I became obsessed with hair extensions and finding out what I could add to my thin fine hair to add more length but also more volume to my hair. Ever since having the kids my hair texture has changed to quite fine and I have had a lot of thinning. Not my favorite look. I have had a cute. It and great color since finding marci at wicked pixie, but I wanted a change. I talked to her about extensions and adding volume, but being worried about how my head would do with the added weight. We decided to go with tape in extensions, babe brand, human hair. has a video about putting the tape extensions in. I wasn't sure what to expect but I have been very happy with them. We did not want to add too much length at first because we were not sure how my natural hair would do with length. Marci did an A bob, the front part being just below my shoulders and the back was all my natural short hair. I loved the cut and the color was as fantastic as always. I knew nothing about taking care of extensions and it took a little time to figure it all out. Braiding them at night helps them stay much nicer, sleeping on a satin pillowcase also helps. Tomorrow I am going in to have them taken out, washed, re-dyed, and put back in, adding more to get more length. I plan to take some photos of the process and the of the fantastic finished product. I am getting pretty excited. I have figured out that I have had them about 8 days too long, the grow out has been significant and where they sit on my scalp feels weird now. I also think the tape stickiness is getting less as time goes on as I have had a few come pretty loose the last two days. I am going to also pick up a silk headscarf for sleeping as I think it will be better, especially with adding more to the back. Jww

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